Sellwood Square Business Support


Social Distancing Plazas to Support Our Community

Dear Business Owner:

As a fellow local business owner, you understand fully the devastating impact that the COVID- 19 crisis has left in our community. To rebuild and safely reopen our shops and restaurants, we’re asking for your support in signing on to this initiative to create a safe place for businesses and patrons during the summer months.

You may have heard that the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) has opened a permit application process and released a, “strategic framework for adapting streets as the city restarts public life.” These efforts will re-ignite safe business activity by reimagining the use of public space.

You also may have applied individually for a permit for your business. This letter is to encourage you to join all of us in a collective effort to create a more cohesive strategy for the use of space in our neighborhood. You’ll find details on the scope of the proposed initiative here – where eventually we will be adding the proposal and vision for what we’re calling the Sellwood Square.

The historic charm and atmosphere that can only be found in Sellwood is what makes our community unique. The Sellwood Square initiative is our vision for an outdoor community that helps neighbors and businesses through the summer months. Social distancing plazas that support outdoor dining and shopping are the solutions that we can design now.

We ask that you join us in support of this effort by signing on to this letter by July 30, 2020.

You can also scan this QR code below to fill out the form.


Once we have collected buy-in from our community businesses, we will then add your names to our letter of support in our application for the Sellwood Square initiative.

What does this mean for you?

  • Support your neighborhood community

  • Increase capacity for customers

  • Safe Outdoor Shopping

    What streets are you proposing to utilize for the Sellwood Square initiative? And what days are you proposing?

  • Se Lexington – Daily 12pm to 9pm, 1 block off SE13th (See Map below)

  • SE Spokane – Daily 12pm to 9pm, 1 block off SE 13th (See Map below)

  • SE Nehelam – Daily 12pm to 9pm, 1 block off SE13th (See Map below)

  • SE 13th – Weekends ONLY 10 am to 10pm, 2 blocks SE Nehelam to Se Lexington (See Map below)

    How are you planning to manage traffic flow for the proposed streets and days listed above?

    That’s a good question! The number 70 bus that runs on 13th already has an alternative route. We plan to work with PBOT and TriMet to make sure we’re creating an efficient alternative for traffic flow, with minimal disruption to neighbors and business owners.

    Keep in mind, for each proposed street under the broader Sellwood Square initiative, we’re only proposing to close off 1-2 blocks.

    How long do you propose this initiative to last?

    We propose that the Sellwood Square initiative will begin as soon as Multnomah county is approved for Phase 1 re-opening, and then continue through the month of September (or whenever school goes back in session).

    What about bad weather?

    In the event of bad weather that prohibits Sellwood Square from being enjoyable for patrons and business owners, we’ll simply postpone for the day. However, we live in Portland and we’re always prepared with our tents and umbrellas!

    What do I do next?

  • Add your business to our growing list of community supporters by clicking here. Or scan the QR code above.

  • Check out more resources & applications for your individual business and see what fits best for your reopening plan.

  • Look at for more information, this is where the Sellwood Square imitative will be added!

Questions? Ideas? Want to join our volunteer team?

Let us know!



Lexington Lounge 1 block off SE13th Daily 12pm to 9pm

Nehelam Nook 1 block off SE13th Daily 12pm to 9pm



Spokane Alley 1 block off SE13th Daily 12pm to 9pm

Historic Sellwood Square

2 blocks – SE Nehelam to Se Lexington 10am to 10pm

Weekends Only!

Family Friendly