August Update

Just a quick Progress Update on the Sellwood square project and next steps.
  • SMILE (Sellwood Moreland Improvement League) Transportation Committee has provided their support!
  • Sellwood Moreland Business Alliance Newsletter announcing the Sellwood Square efforts in their newsletters.
    • “Other neighborhoods and businesses utilizing the Healthy Business permits are seeing at least a 30% increase in sales.”
  • PBOT approved the proposal for Side Street Plazas!
    • SE Lexington – Lexington Lounge
    • SE Nehelam – Nehelam Nook
    • SE Spokane – Spokane Plaza
We are still waiting for approval of weekend closures on SE13th, but for now let’s get our plazas up and running!
Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.
Looking forward to seeing all the amazing social distancing spaces you create!

Next Steps for Businesses!

  1. Businesses need to apply for Healthy Business Permits
  2. Businesses need to apply for event insurance
  3. Businesses must complete PBOT Healthy Tool Kit

    Businesses need to provide input on site plan proposal on choosing shared spaces. Provide input on concept board or print out attachments, draw on them and email them back to us.

    Here is a link to the concept board draw on.

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